Proven Way of Just Getting up Early

Become an early riser in life.

At the 21 day boot camp of the 5 AM club, you will get a sustained motivation to wake up early, and form a powerful habit

Every morning you will participate in the club call from 5:00 AM - 5:15 AM with video camera on, in the group of some seasoned, and some new early risers

You will get guidance on sleep theory, a peer wake-up plan, and a penalty if you miss so that you put your best to reach finish line.

Camp running with multiple themed tracks: अदब by Shaad ( Harshal ), Achieve by Parul, Moment by Abhishek, and Warm-up by Anusha that you can choose among to sustain the habit of waking up early!

You can buy this program for Rs. 5000/- without fines, or in just Rs. 500/-, subject to equal fine amount if you miss a day.

Camp inauguration will be held on 31th January, Monday 8:00 PM - 9:15 PM. It is mandatory to attend the full inauguration to learn the basics. If you miss the inauguration, you will have to appear for the same on 2nd February, Tuesday 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM by paying additional Rs. 500/-.



You will be added to Whatsapp group of camp on registration.

You will get links to Zoom call at camp inauguration.


Camp 1-21st February daily, 5:00 - 5:15 AM
Inauguration 31st January (Mon), 8:00 PM - 9:30 PM


Rs. 500 scholarship fee with penalty clauses spelt out in Terms & Conditions. Default option, available at above application link
Rs. 5000 with no penalty clause. Ping support to avail this option.


Shaad ( Harshal )
आँखे खुली तो जाग उठी हसरते तमामउसे भी खो दिया जिसे पाया था ख़्वाब में...
अगर आप इस खयाल से निजाद पाना चाहते हो तो हमे 5 बजे जगने की आदत डालनी होगी ताकि हम रात को सुकून से सो सके . और ईस से बेहतर क्या होगा के जिंदगी जीने के तौर तरीके हम उर्दू जैसे मीठी ज़बान के जरिये जाने??क्योंकि उर्दू अदब के इतने बडे बडे शायर और शौरा हो चुके हे जिन्होंने गज़ल, किस्से और कहानियों के जरिए जिंदगी जीने के हसीन तौर तरीके हमे बताए है और हम चाहते है कि आप इससे महरूम न रहे
तो चलिए शाद के साथ 21 दिनों तक ईस सफर का लुत्फ़ उठाते है...
Anusha is a positive minded person, who enjoys to be in natures and stives to put it pristine.
She is also exploring ways to lead a simple life and finds herself and her family enjoying this journey.
Abhishek is a photographer and poetry lover. Photographs and poetry are deeply connected with stories beneath. Every captured moment and a written verse invites to relate to the story beneath, which leaves a deeper connection. Today, life has got busier for most of us. It requires breaking into the 'me' zone to relate to the stories told by frozen moments and scripted verses. Abhishek rekindled this love in today's busy life by waking up early and invites explorers and lovers of the space to wake up to mornings with photos and poetry.
Abhishek's Photo Gallery -
A Biochemist and Molecular Biologist by academic training, researcher and explorer by nature and healthy living promoter by passion, Pallavi runs a health awareness program by the name Healthy Me.This month, let’s explore with her the art and science of holistic & sustainable health!
Parul has been passionate for art since her childhood. Apart from illustrating children's book she is also an active participant in painting exhibitions. She is a mother of naughty four year old son who love books and inspires her art and creativity.

About Us

Pranav Patil
Lead Coach

+91 98223 22184

Kirteeraj Malkar
Tech Commando

Pranav Patil is a Happiness Coach. He is an academic topper, fitness lover, and a just for sake IIM grad, who relishes in spirituality. After working stints with Corporate giants, he now ventures on a journey to discover simpler ways to a happy fulfilling life. When alone, he likes to tinker on piano.

Kirteeraj Malkar is a Tech Geek with a passionate interest in Block-chain and Crypto world. He has built, decentralised peer to peer donation platform. When not working on Tech, he likes to play football and read motivational biographies and a variety of fun books.


Pritam Potghan, Medical Student
It is an amazing experience to be awake, before the world wakes up, to experience the silence, to feel connected with yourself and the world. It's great to be connected with amazing people on board, with whom you interact first thing in the morning and kickstart your day.
It's a worthy investment for yourself, if you want to enhance your life.
Paras Chhabra
Software Engineer
Joining the 5AM club was the best decision that I took during this pandemic. It works as a keystone habit for me which is helping me develop other good habits like working out, eating right things and planning my day better as well.
The 15 minute call is an icing on cake which helps in starting my day with a good company and positive thoughts. 5AM Club Yo!
Anu Prabhakar,Ambivert, love nature, athlete
I had joined the 5am club to shift my fitness journey to more of a morning routine and have successfully made it my habit.
Not only its a habit, with this club I get to witness so many creative ideas from people of different backgrounds and that in turn really motivates me to not give up.
All thanks to this club I now look forward to waking up early every single day..
Charuta,Life itself
I didn't knew that there would be some real space literally like the one in fairy tales....that space is 5am Club for me.... since 1st July 21 i am just living like an Angel....Witnessing the Magic Within and Around, Connecting with Magical Personalities, Enjoying Surprises, Exchanging Blessings, Experiencing Unconditional Happiness...yess it seems like a dream...but believe me....we can live this dream in real at "5 am Club" 😊
Vikrant Patil,Tech trainer, sustainable lifestyle practitioner
Early rising is just one thing, but waking up consistently is where one starts seeing real benefits. With its unique vibrant community 5amclub made sure that I stayed tuned consistently with waking up before 5.
The club has awesome facilitators which made me not to miss a day in span of two and half months. Pleasant start of day with body focused movements, life enhancing mediations and appropriate music to accompany. Social networking group of the club has offered me valuable connections.
I would highly recommend to join the club if one wishes to take control of one's own life. 5am club yo!
Akshay KediyaAuthor, Human Body The CEO.
5 am club,I am joining the wakeup club.It seems so resonating.New year resolution right in action.Nothing better than this.
I am looking forward to join the 5:00 am club to wake up !
1 +1 +21 = 5:00 am